By Margaret Teichert, author, artist, and senior product owner with Berkshire Hathaway’s BHHC

’Twas the year of pandemic, when all through the lands
Were instructions to all to wear masks and wash hands;
In spite of precautions, the COVID was spread,
So, to our home offices BHHC fled.

The children attended their schools over zoom;
To keep any stray “cooties” from spelling their doom;
Then yoga pants, sweatpants and PJs abounded
And calls for “the new business casual” sounded.

The lines at the Costco wrapped clear ‘round the block
(For some reason, toilet paper was never in stock)
Headlines were alarming…

Using Technology to Beat Smart Phone Addiction

I have two amazing children, who will be teenagers before I can blink. As I watch them interact with the digital world around them, I sometimes marvel in a way that my parents must have when I first learned how to program a Commodore Vic 20 at the age of eight.

My kids are natives of an always-on digital jungle, with access to networked tablets, computers and smart speakers in almost every room of our house. They have never known a time before smart mobile devices, and naturally navigate this ecosystem. …

Think about the last time you booked a hotel room, shopped online for a gift, or found yourself with a few hours to kill and no idea how to spend them. It’s become instinctual to “Google it,” but that’s no longer sufficient, as search engines can regurgitate millions of context-free results. That’s how we end up with data overload and the paradox of choice. And as consumers, we now expect to be given what we need, when we need it, in real time.

Google calls these brief windows of need micromoments: “when people reflexively turn to a device to act…

Oleg Kaganovich

Oleg is a startup adviser, founder, executive, and former VC, who fancies himself a weekend chef and musician, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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